The Passiflore is the flower and the passion fruit. It is also the name of the wine-making 18th century house (1760), built of stone, and transformed a quarter of a century ago into a comfortable hotel restaurant by an adventurer wanting to settle down. All the rooms are overlooking the inner courtyard or the private garden.

Similar to most urban and village properties in Languedoc and the Provence, the Passiflore dissimulates the charms of its inner courtyard behind a large wooden gate. The charm reveals itself as soon as a visitor opens the entrance gate. The atmosphere is magical, calm and soothing; it is ideal for a restful stay or for a good night’s sleep, but it is also very close to the various centers of interest in the neighborhood.

Located in the heart of the typical languedocian village that is full of character, the Passiflore is a haven of peace. It benefits from the activities of the Vergèze district, the famous Perrier source, and is located near outstanding natural and tourist attractions.

Small groups

The Passiflore welcomes individuals who are staying for business or leisure, as well as travelers wishing to spend several days or weeks on vacation in a region that offers a wide variety of cultural, sports and recreational activities.

Thanks to its accommodation capacity and its restaurant, the Passiflore can accommodate seminars, business meetings, anniversary parties, meetings of cousins, groups of friends, family meetings…

The Passiflore accommodation capacity is 10 rooms and 24 people can have breakfast or dinner at the restaurant and meet in the reception area.